Finding Success On The Road Less Traveled
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Friday, March 20th, 2020  |  Entrepreneurship, Health, Lifestyle
Finding Success On The Road Less Traveled
#4: An interview W/ Daniel Shemtob


Markie believes our service men and women are underrepresented in real estate investing so her goal is to help her clients gain stability, build wealth and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

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About Daniel Shemtob

Daniel Shemtob is a serial entrepreneur, who’s journey begun with nothing more than a dollar and dream. Despite skipping college, Daniels success was never hindered by a lack of traditional education. Like many younger people, daniel chose differently. 


After a few startup attempts, Daniel caught his first big break in 2010 with The original Lime Truck and then expanded into multiple trucks in multiple cities. Lime Truck is a food truck that delivers fresh food to the masses, from those stuck in office cubicles to those who are  too busy to eat at a restaurant. 


Daniel’s success began to skyrocket and the local buzz he generated secured an invite to participate in the Food Network series “The Great Food Truck Race”, where he won first place in season 2 and was quoted in Yahoo’s “Top 10 Trucks in America” 3 years running. Daniel proceeded to open 3 brick and mortar locations called The Lime Truck—TLT Food—across LA and the Orange County  before the age of 27.


Upon the success of The Food Truck, Daniel further pursued his ambition as a cook and opened a Japanese Yakitori restaurant in Downtown LA called Hatch Yakitori.


But Daniel’s journey as an entrepreneur didn’t stop there. He partnered with Dr. Snibbe, a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon in Los Angeles, to launch Snibbs: A universal work shoe designed for use by anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time.


The typical work shoe has not been reinvented or rethought. Instead, major footwear companies continue manufacturing the same shoes over and over again. Snibbs broke down every element of their hoe and solved the problem from a holistic perspective, creating a new type of shoe for the workplace.

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